Interview: John Adamson – gearing up for the 2021 season!

After the disappointment of not having a British Championship last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, John Adamson ended the season racing the EMX Open series at Arco di Trento and had a good week in Italy.

With the 2021 season approaching Adamson has been in Spain as he prepares for the British Championship and is looking to impress after a year of little racing.

We caught up with Adamson to discuss how his season is going and much more.

GateDrop: John, after last year with the disappointment of no British Championship, how much are you looking forward to the 2021 season? Hopefully things get a bit more back to normal!

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Adamson: I’m absolutely itching to get back racing. Gabriel insulation KTM has put everything in place to allow me to get as many hours as possible in on the 250 before the opening round. I feel we have a very competitive bike this year working with Evo-tech and I have a bike I’m happy and confident to get riding in the Championship.

GateDrop: Since the end of the 2020 season when you finished the season racing the EMX open series in Arco di Trento, what have you been up too?

Adamson: I had a few weeks off and went home to Scotland to see my friends and family. Then got back down south to Gabriel Motocross HQ to do some testing on the 250 before heading out to Spain. We have spent most of the off season in Spain getting used to the new bike which I can’t thank Simon and the team enough for – it’s been a great experience and very valuable for set up on the bike.

GateDrop: Just on the three EMX open events you did; how did you find the series, and did you enjoy being part of the GP paddock?

Adamson: It was great being a part of such a big event and comparing myself to riders from all over Europe. Arco was just such a spectacular place as well and a cool place to ride your bike.

GateDrop: What was the level like of the EMX open series – is it what you expected, higher or lower? It looks a fun championship to be part off!

Adamson: It was a brilliant championship to be part of. I feel it was a very competitive class with a lot of depth in the field. I expected it to be a high level of riding and was happy to ride and put races together that I knew I was capable of.

GateDrop: I believe you have been in Spain with the team putting in the hard work for the 2021 season, just how is all that going? Spain is a good place to be at the moment!

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Adamson: Yes, it is a very nice place to spend the winter months – especially whilst in lockdown! We will have been out here for 10 weeks by the time we go home. Most of the top riders have also been out here training so it’s good to start the season knowing I’ve had the same opportunity to prepare. Spain has been the best place to be to prepare, both on and off the bike.

GateDrop: Domestically what’s your goals for the 2021 season?

Adamson: We are always aiming high at Gabriel Motocross and this season is no different. I am hoping to be a podium contender in every race I’m in, and the rest of the team will also be positioning very high in their events.

GateDrop: As usual the British Championship is looking fast the front with some GP riders but that should only help you a rider if you are able to pick things up from them and improve?

Adamson: The British championship always has a good group of riders at the front and I hope to be a part of that this year and compare myself to some of the GP boys.

GateDrop: Have you any plans to contest anymore EMX open events? If so what’s your expectations for that series – it might be even more competitive this year!

Adamson: We had planned to compete in the EMX Open. However, with COVID-19 and it being difficult to travel we are going to focus on UK based races for the time being, unless anything changes pretty quickly we can’t risk the travel restrictions in any of the countries and delaying our travel. So we may well have to wait for the next EMX Open for Gabriel Motocross KTM to be represented.

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GateDrop: Anything you’d like to add/anyone to thank?

Adamson: As always, I would like to thank Simon Gabriel, the man behind it all, who makes it all happen. Also everyone involved with the team from the people who come on race weekend a to all the sponsors, Gabriel Insulation, Dunlop, Talon Engineering, Evo tech Racing, FXR Clothing, Gabriel Cycles ,Trevor Pope, Mukjunkie Bike Cleaner, Putoline, AAA Motorcycle Trak industries. We have a great season a head of us and a huge team of people getting us there- bring on the start!

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Marc Perry