Interview: Joe Clayton – Belfast Arenacross and US supercross

Joe Clayton didn’t have the weekend he wanted in Belfast for the opening two rounds of the UK Arenacross series, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying.

The usually fast-starting Clayton suffered bad starts all weekend and, with the tracks very difficult to pass on, each race was an uphill struggle for the Kawasaki man.

We caught up with Joe to get his take on the two nights and plans for the rest of the year.

It probably didn’t go the way you wanted this weekend, but bad starts probably sums it up!

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Yeah bad starts didn’t help me at all. The track was really hard to overtake, I got it kind of sorted towards the end but yeah, it was way too late.

It looked like the dirt made it hard to pass, it looked silty on top?

Yeah, it wasn’t dirt and it wasn’t sand, it was like a weird in between. I haven’t ridden anything like that in a long time!

The head-to-head looked like you were a bit too nice at times when you maybe could have made the pass?

Yeah I know! I’m good friends with Angelo and I didn’t want to hit him really but maybe when the helmet goes on I need to forget that!

What is the plan between now and the next round?

I need to go home and work on my starts and hope that the dirt is better, really.

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Have you any plans to ride motocross this year?

I have my entry in for the MX Nationals but I haven’t really thought about that or what I’m going to race, a 450 or 250, I don’t really know, so we will see what happens.

And you mentioned you were looking to do a couple of US rounds in the East Coast?

I hope so, I might need to up my game here first! But I do want to get over and do one or two over there. I’d love to do a couple if I can.

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Image: Nigel Mckinstry