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Interview: Jeremy Seewer discusses ending his MXGP on a high, targeting a world title and his consecutive GP run

Interview: Jeremy Seewer discusses ending his MXGP on a high, targeting a world title and his consecutive GP run
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One of the household names in MXGP, Jeremy Seewer is a very impressive rider and is always not too far away from the front but is still chasing a world title. The likeable Swiss rider is also very durable as he never seems to get injured which is quite amazing because the sport is brutal! The Factory Yamaha rider though says that isn’t his goal as he is there to become a world champion.

We caught up with Seewer to discuss his season and much more.

GateDrop: Jeremy, the end of another long and gruelling MXGP season, when you look back at it you must be happy with how it ended getting the win in Maggiora and ending up on the podium here at Matterley Basin?

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Seewer: Yeah, ending with a 1-2, I mean the win last weekend and second this weekend, I can’t complain. You know it is solid and strong, both weekends I went through a bit of pain because I opened my elbow pretty bad and deep and I opened it again yesterday. I am happy with that and I can be happy with the season. I mean finishing third with the level of MXGP, it is something I can be proud of even though my goal is to be world champion, you know? I know why because of the beginning of the year with the crashes and small concussion that I had in Switzerland, it took a lot of energy but nevertheless I came back and that is what counts. I won a few GP’s, a few podiums and very good racing.

GateDrop: Just on the racing here at Matterley Basin, it looked very intense out there with a high speed track – maybe that is why?

Seewer: You know, it was. The track was quite hard, more hard pack than usual for some reason. Hard pack and slippery with less ruts in some parts of the track. Today was better, a bit more technical and yeah it was fast. Luckily the sun didn’t come out today because yesterday you couldn’t see a lot in the race, it was sketchy honestly. I don’t know why they don’t change the timetable for Autum but what can you say. The track is one of the best we have, it is Matterley, amazing, huge, the tracks and the jumps, it is great.

Image: Nigel McKinstry

GateDrop: It did seem a bit harder to pass this year than normal, would you agree with that?

Seewer: Yeah, I agree, because I think it was a bit more hard like I said. Also the level is high, higher the level it is harder to pass.

GateDrop: This is your final GP with Yamaha, how do you feel? You had an amazing time here but all good things come to an end a new chapter will begin now…

Seewer: I mean there is still one race to go, the MXoN. But yeah, mixed feelings. On one part, I have a lot of guys in the team that became friends and I am going to leave them. That is the sad story about it but I mean I am excited about the new deal and new bike. A change is coming and after many years so I am looking forward to it.

Image: Nigel McKinstry

GateDrop: You obviously do a lot of things right but as you said earlier, you want to win a world title, what do you think you are missing to get it over the line?

Seewer: I think this year just the consistency like Prado had and I was at the last 2-3 years. Just to have 1-2 bad GP’s in a year and not 5-6-7 bad GP’s in a year. Sometimes luck has to be on your side, injuries and out sport is quite brutal and sport. So that is it, not much to say, I just need to score more points.

GateDrop: When you look back at your career, I can’t remember the last GP you missed through injury, it is incredible when you think about it because the sport is brutal…

Seewer: Yeah, it is nice to have so many GP’s in a row obviously but it is not like my main goal. I am here to win races and not to collect GP’s in a row but it is nice. I am the only guy since I started racing I never missed one GP. It is quite impressive but not what I am racing for, you know?

GateDrop: Motocross des Nations with team Switzerland, looking forward to that one? You guys have a strong team and could surprise a lot of people…

Seewer: I mean we are not strong enough to really consider a podium compared to other teams. But you never know at the Nations, I am going to give my best and enjoy it. It is always crazy to race in front of that many fans especially in France. So yeah, I am looking forward to it.

GateDrop: After the MXoN, any plans to go party, have some time off or have a holiday? Or will you be straight to testing on the Kawasaki?

Seewer: I don’t know yet, for sure I am going to have to do some testing with the new team at one stage. I don’t know when and how. Holiday, yeah, it has been a long season. Party, alcohol, everything… no I am kidding, I don’t even like it but for sure we will have time off. I’ll spend a few days with my friends and stuff.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Images: Nigel McKinstry

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