Interview: Jere Haavisto!

The EMX150 championship is a relatively new series and the aim of the series is to help bring through the young kids. Jere Haavisto was competing in the series back in 2014 but lost out on the title chase by two points as Brit’s Albie Wilkie won the title that year.

The year after Jere made the jump to the impressive EMX250 series and this is his third year in the class. Having switched to the 137 KTM team he is having by far his best season so far in the series as he has really stepped it up in 2017.

The Finnish rider currently sits eleventh in the series and has had some good moto’s. At the beginning of the season he wasn’t consistent as one good moto would be followed with a bad moto. He currently has three no scores due to crashes and different issues which hasn’t helped him in terms of the championship.

However, things have started to fall into place during the last two rounds as a fifth overall in Russia was followed with a seventh overall at Ottobiano.

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We caught up with Jere to talk about his season so far after his strong seventh overall at Ottobiano.

Gatedrop: Jere, we are here at Ottobiano, can you talk me through both of your moto’s?

Jere Haavisto:  Yeah, the first moto was really good. I took a good start which helped. During the first laps I battled with the guys right at the front. My fitness was really good, for sure it was really warm but I did good and finished fifth in the first moto.

In the second moto I took a good start again but in the beginning my lap times were bad and everybody passed me.  I was all the way down in twentieth place. I started to make good lap times and passed everyone back in front of me. I ended up ninth at the finish line, it was really good.

Gatedrop:  This year so far you seem to have one good moto followed by a bad moto but the last two rounds you are starting to be more consistent. Are you happy with the progress your making?

Jere Haavisto:  Yeah, for sure! It’s really nice to put two good moto’s together. That’s what I’ve been working for and the progress is good.

Gatedrop: You switched to the 137 KTM Motorsport team for the 2017 season which is also a new team to contest the EMX250 class, are you happy with how everything is going with the team?

Jere Haavisto:  Yeah, I’m happy with how it’s going. The bike is really good and everything is working really good for me.

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Gatedrop: This is your third year in the EMX250 series, how would you compare the level in the class this year to last year?

Jere Haavisto: My fitness is much better this year, I feel that’s the main thing. I think this year the class is deeper too.

Gatedrop: You were racing the EMX150 series four years ago, back then did you ever think you would make it to this level?

Jere Haavisto: Yeah, I always believed in myself at all times, so I’m not surprised.

Gatedrop: Do you plan on racing any MX2 World Championship races before the end of the year and if so which ones?

Jere Haavisto: Maybe I will ride in the MX2 World Championship at Uddevalla (Swedish GP). But that’s not confirmed yet.

Gatedrop: You have been riding well, do you think you could get selected to race for Finland at the MXoN and what would it mean for you to race the event?

Jere Haavisto: Yeah, I’m sure I will be in the team Finland because we don’t have so many fast riders in Finland. It will mean a lot for me to be picked with the team, especially this year because I really like Matterley Basin. I was selected for the team in 2015 and it was awesome, I am really looking forward to that.

Pic: Alex Piantanida