Interview: Henri Roosiorg on Sahkar KTM and Jörgen-Matthias Talviku

It’s been a while since the Sahkar KTM team have ran a young rider in the European championship since the success they had with Jago Geerts but that is going to change for the 2022 season. The team have decided to snap up young Estonian talent, Jörgen-Matthias Talviku.

Talviku didn’t have the best of years but was impressive as a rookie in the EMX250 series in 2020 so the team will be hoping to bring him back to that level as he has the speed to run in the top five of the championship.

We caught up with team manager, Henri Roosiorg to discuss the team, the singing of Jörgen-Matthias Talviku and more.

GateDrop: Henri, let’s start with you! You used to race and showed some promising results at EMX level but you stepped away from racing at an early age. Why did you make this decision?

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Roosiorg: I had some bad injuries two seasons in a row and I was really struggling to get going again. It was also time when we started our own team, so I decided to step away from riding and try my best as team manager.

GateDrop: You are now the team manager of the Sahkar KTM team which is a family run team. Can you explain the structure of the team and what your role involves?

Roosiorg: Basically our team is made for my brother Hardi. To have your own team you can decide everything yourself, starting from what gear you use or what races you make. As my role goes I am doing everything for team to be on the races.

GateDrop: Some people forget but you actually worked with Jago Geerts and won an EMX125 title with him. What was he like to work with and you must be proud you were able to help with his rider development?

Roosiorg: For us it was really cool times. To be a team from Estonia and achieve EMX125 title and Junior World champion title in one season was a dream. We always had good partnership between us. Jago and his family are really nice people.

GateDrop: When you see him sign with Factory Yamaha after being with your team you must have felt quite proud as you guys helped him with his career and guided him in the right direction!

Roosiorg: After his golden season with the 125cc we had offers from factory teams but none of them wanted to pay money. So for us it did not make sense and we also spoke about it with Geerts family and they decided to stay with us for another season. It was good decision as he was signed by Yamaha the following season.

GateDrop: The past few years the focus has been on your brother, Hardi and he hasn’t raced so many MXGP races, what’s the reason been for that? Is the plan for him to contest more MXGP events in 2022?

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Roosiorg: 2020 was the last full season Hardi was supposed to ride but then covid hit really hard and we stopped in the middle of season. Last year we made the switch to MXGP and we decided to do some rounds just to see how much we need to work on the big bike. This season we will do all the European MXGP rounds.

GateDrop: The team have signed up Jörgen-Matthias Talviku for the 2022 season, how did the deal all come about and what made you decide to sign an up and coming young rider once again?

Roosiorg: The deal came up by good supporters of JMT. I decided to go with it because it’s an Estonian team and it’s cool to have two Estonian riders racing in Europe under same tent.

GateDrop: In 2020, Talviku had a really strong year in the EMX250 class but this year didn’t go to plan. What do you expect from him in the 2022 season?

Roosiorg: The level in Europe is so high now, it’s not only how good speed you have but it’s how strong you are mentally. So, for next season I just want him to be mentally strong and I know the results will come.

GateDrop: Have the team got a plan for the winter yet – where will you put in the laps and any idea what pre-season events you will do?

Roosiorg: We will go to training camp in Spain and we will most likely ride in Lacapelle at beginning of February.

GateDrop: Just on Estonian Motocross, the team have performed amazing at the recent MXoN events – it must make you proud? As well as Talviku do you think there’s enough talents emerging for the future?

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Roosiorg: Of course it is awesome to be so consistent at the MXoN through the years. For me, real racing starts in EMX125 and at the moment there are are no Estonian talents at this level so we will wait and see for the future.

GateDrop: Anyone to thank and anything else to add?

Roosiorg: I want to thank our supporters who have been supporting our team and I would like to say that if anyone is interested to support our team with their products, feel free to contact me.

Interview: Andy McKinstry