Interview: Glenn Coldenhoff – the man in Assen

Last year at the Motocross Des Nations at RedBud, Glenn Coldenhoff took everyone by surprise and went 1-1. He did the same this year but after the way he ended the MXGP series, we aren’t quite as surprised.

Coldenhoff started the season off riding with an injury but really found his A game towards the end of the season and even clinched third in the world championship.

To go 1-1 at the MXoN in Assen in front of his home crowd made it the perfect end to the season.

We caught up with a delighted Coldenhoff after his impressive performance in Assen.

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Gatedrop: Glenn, I was talking to the Dutch team manager last week, he said the magic almost happened at RedBud last year and it might happen this weekend, he was right! Just how does it feel to get the job done and for the Dutch to win the MXoN?

Glenn Coldenhoff:  It’s something you can’t really describe. Standing on the top step of the box there with all those Dutch fans in front of us, it’s something very unique.  This is something I will never forget.

Gatedrop: Last year in RedBud you went 1-1 but that kind of came from nowhere, this year you went 1-1 again but is it that much of a surprise the way you’ve ended the MXGP season? What does that do for your confidence?

Glenn Coldenhoff: No (it’s not much of a surprise). I did go 1-1 last year at RedBud but I must say the last five GP’s, I’ve been all the time on the box. I’m in good form and you can really see that. But to make it happen, that last moto Patrice made the decision to put me outside on the gate but I still managed to get a good start. It was definitely but more tough but I feel like if I was on the inside, I could have holeshot and made it easier for myself. In the end I still won so it was good.

Pic: Nigel McKinstry

Gatedrop: How did you find the track? Watching you ride out there, you made it look easy and not muddy at all, did you like the changes to the track from the GP track?

Glenn Coldenhoff:  The track was definitely a bit faster. I think that the track was nice but obviously with the rain, it’s always difficult. I think layout wise it’s been better.

Gatedrop: For the injury you picked up in winter, was it worse than you let on at the time and can you remind us of it?

Glenn Coldenhoff: Yeah, definitely it was worse.  I broke my back in the middle of December and had something wrong with my neck also, I broke my hand as well. I only rode two weeks coming into Argentina and normally you prepare three months for that. If you’re coming in not prepared, it’s very hard to come back. I feel like I slowly built up my momentum and got better results. From Lommel onward, it was great!

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Gatedrop:  From Lommel onward, you’ve been right at the front of the MXGP class and arguably the best guy in the class. Would you say this is the best you’ve ever rode during your career?

Glenn Coldenhoff: I got the bronze medal in the end so it was definitely my best ever season. Having the gold medal now (At Assen MXoN), it’s just amazing.

Pic: Nigel McKinstry

Gatedrop: The Dutch crowd today was crazy when you won that last moto. Usually it’s Jeffrey getting that sort of reaction, was it nice for you to steal the limelight for once and not get overshadowed?

Glenn Coldenhoff: No but it’s nice, you know. I could hear them every single lap and that last lap, they were going nuts. That was something really nice. It’s quite typical here in Assen because they make the track in front of the grand stands and I think they’ve done an amazing job.

Gatedrop: It’s been a long season for you, are you planning to take much time off now?

Glenn Coldenhoff: I plan to take off three or four weeks, I will go on holiday and visit the Monster Energy Cup. After that, at the beginning of November, we will start back training.

Gatedrop:  Heading into next season you’ve a lot of momentum and as we’ve seen in the past anything can happen, are you going for the title next year?

Glenn Coldenhoff: Of course this year there were a lot of injured riders but I was also one of them. Anything can happen, everyone is on the edge at the moment and we have really really strong competition. For sure everyone will be fit again next year, I feel like I’m a guy that’s growing a little more every single year. Hopefully no big injuries anymore and I can still build on every single year. You never know, I go for it!

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Gatedrop: As you say you’re growing a little more every single year. What would you put that down too? It’s not easy to get quicker and quicker!

Glenn Coldenhoff: I think physical wise, you get more experience and all that. It’s really important and also mentally. Those last five races, I’ve learned a lot again and that’s something I’ll take with me for next year.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pics: Nigel McKinstry