Interview: Glen Meier on signing with Young Motion Racing

It’s recently been announced that a new Dutch team will form for the 2022 race season. The Powered by Young Motion Race team have inked a deal with young Dane, Glen Meier who will race selected GP events – at the moment eight rounds have been penciled into his schedule.

We caught up with the likeable young Dane to discuss the deal and goals for the season ahead.

On signing a deal with the Powered by Young Motion Race team for 2022… 

“I finance my racing by myself, I work a normal job, 37 hours a week. Of course I have some really great sponsors but I still spend everything I earn, and sometimes more (laughs), to go racing. It’s always been my dream to race the GP’s, but I haven’t been able to get a ride that I can afford. So I decided to do some GP’s by myself, with what I had this season. So, when I got contacted by Young Motion this year, and they told me they wanted to help privateer riders with some GP’s I couldn’t say no! I’m still gonna race as a privateer, but with better support than I had this year, and I’m really thankful for that”.

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On his speed last year in the selected MX2 GP’s he contested…

“The speed was great this year like my first moto in Lommel, coming from outside the points to finish in 13th place. But I really want to build on my consistency and that also comes with my start that I need to improve on. So with better start, there should come some better results”.

Main goals for the season ahead…

“My main goal is to go out there and do my best every time and have fun and that’s why I do it. I don’t have someone that pays me a salary to perform, I pay most myself. But the people that help me also want to see some results, and I also wanna show what I can do! My goal is to finish in top 10 in a moto, and I believe I can do it”.

“I would like to thank Young Motion, KTM Scandinavia, Easy MX, MA Service Center, Eurol, SOS Racing Parts, Aros Porte, Intertank and Twin Air. Without they help it wouldn’t be possible”.

Interview: Andy McKinstry