Interview: Eddie Jaywade!

The Junior World Championship takes place this weekend in Estonia and one Brit looking for success is Eddie Jaywade. Eddie has a chance of winning the 85cc World title this weekend as he goes into that event as one of the favourites.

Before the tragedy happened in Loket, Jaywade was leading the moto and it looked like he would be in contention of winning the EMX85 title ahead of some very talented riders.

Jaywade will go into this weekend with the confidence he can get the job done so hopefully he can get good starts and everything else will fall into place.

We caught up with Eddie before the Junior World Championships takes place this weekend.

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Gatedrop: Eddie, after the tragedy in Loket I am sure you don’t want to talk about it too much. But it must have felt great to be leading?

Eddie Jaywade: Yes, it was a sad weekend with mixed emotions. It was great to have built such a big gap in just 5 laps but at the same time very sad for the tragedy that happened.

Gatedrop: The JWC takes place at Estonia this weekend, is that a track you’ve ever rode before?

Eddie Jaywade: No, I’ve never been to the track or even Estonia but the track looks awesome.

Gatedrop: After showing great speed in Loket you must head to Estonia very confident?

Eddie Jaywade: The race in Loket boosted my confidence definitely because I had to pass a few riders to get to the front and stretch my lead.

Gatedrop: What are your goals for the JWC this weekend?

Eddie Jaywade: I want to win. I have the pace like I proved in Loket so if all goes well I have a good chance.

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Gatedrop: You haven’t rode with the likes of Jett Lawrence and Kay De Wolf all that much. Are you looking forward to battling with them again this weekend?

Eddie Jaywade: I am always up for a battle and there are a lot of good riders in this class.

Pic: Martin Plesnik

Gatedrop: What age where you when you started riding. Also, who did you look up to the most and why?

Eddie Jaywade: I was four when I got my Ossett and five when I got my KTM. I look up to Ken Roczen because he never gives up and he is so talented.

Gatedrop: Have you thought about what you’d do next year yet, maybe move up to the 125cc?

Eddie Jaywade: I will definitely race the 125cc next year in the EMX125 championship.

Gatedrop: You mostly race in Spain, have you thought about doing more races in the UK in the future?

Eddie Jaywade: The problem in the UK is that they don’t let you have sighting laps. It’s so sketchy going flat out on a track that has changed the last time you were on it. Also, the race format with 4-6 races over a weekend doesn’t match any of the European championships.

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Gatedrop: In terms of the future, have you set yourself a goal you’d like to achieve?

Eddie Jaywade: I want to get to the MXGP level.

Gatedrop: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Eddie Jaywade: I’d like to thank the following:

Husqvarna for my bikes
K-tech for making my suspension easy to ride the rough tracks.
Rock Oil, their products are the best.
Pod Active
MJW specialists as my engines never miss a beat and keep me up front.
CISport Ltd for my kit and googles.
Michelin Tyres work well on all surfaces.
Apico DP Brakes
Mouse Eurotaff
Zambrana Spain
RMJ academy.
Lastly, my mum and dad because without them I couldn’t do this.

Pic: Martin Plesnik