Interview: Dylan Walsh – keeping that red plate

It was a bad start to the weekend for Dylan Walsh after a first corner crash meant he was dead last. However, Walsh showed his determination and battled his way through the pack to a very impressive fifth place!

In the second moto he grabbed the holeshot, led every lap and won despite pressure the whole moto from Bas Vaessen but that didn’t trouble the Revo Husqvarna rider.

Walsh had the red plate coming into round five of the series and still has it heading to round six. Walsh now has a six points gap in the championship chase over his team mate, Alvin Ostlund.

We caught up with Walsh to discuss race day at Desertmartin, his rookie season in the MX2 World Championship and a range of topics.

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Gatedrop: Dylan, your day didn’t start well with a first corner crash in the first race but you turned it around well coming through the pack and then winning the second moto! You must be happy with your speed this weekend?

Dylan Walsh:  Yeah, I am disappointed that I had the start crash but I picked myself up, put my head down and salvaged some good points so I am happy with that. In moto two, I got the holeshot, put my head down and just focused on myself. I am really happy with the weekend, happy with my speed. The championship is going good so everything with myself and the team is great.

Gatedrop: In the second moto, you had so much pressure from Vaessen the entire moto. Just what was it like forgetting about him and focusing on your lines and moving forward?

Dylan Walsh:  It was no problem. I’ve got a good trainer in Gareth Swanepoel so I’m fit and I know that. I just tried to focus on myself, keep the speed, look forward and not look behind. I focused on myself and it was okay.

Gatedrop: You say you just focused on yourself but that’s easier said than done! I guess Gareth has helped you with that?

Dylan Walsh: Yeah, it’s difficult knowing that someone is there the whole time. The main thing is to focus turn by turn and just focus on yourself as much as possible. It is pretty hard but I was able to do it.

Gatedrop: Your first time racing Desertmartin, you probably don’t know much about Motocross in Ireland but we have got a pretty good track!

Dylan Walsh: The place is unreal. It’s literally picture perfect, it’s nice.

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Gatedrop:  How did you find the track? It looked very fast and one lined out there.

Dylan Walsh: It was really fast, really fast. It was hard to pass but all in all it was a good track. I really enjoyed it.

Gatedrop: In the GP’s, it’s been up and down but at the end of the day it’s still your rookie season in MX2. Are you happy with how it’s all going?

Dylan Walsh: Yeah, it’s my rookie season so it’s all a learning curve. Overall, I am happy that I’ve got a top five and top ten’s. Unfortunately, I’ve had some bad moto’s but it’s all about learning. It’s the first year for myself and the team that we are learning but we are going a good way.  I’m excited to start the second half.

Gatedrop: How’s everything going with the Revo Husqvarna team?

Dylan Walsh:  I’m really happy here. I get on super well with everyone on the team. We all try our best and we all have the same goal so we will keep working.

Gatedrop: On the GP’s, they seem to be grooming the tracks a lot this year. What’s your thoughts on that?

Dylan Walsh: It’s always better when it’s rough but I can see where they are coming from by trying to keep it safer. I think the worst thing is when they water the track on the hard faces and landings before our moto’s. It makes it a little bit sketchy but we all ride the same track so I don’t really have much to comment.

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Gatedrop: What’s your goal for the rest of the season in MX2, have you got something in your head you’d like to achieve?

Dylan Walsh: I just want to be consistent in the top ten and get close to the podium by the end of the year.

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Pic: Nigel McKinstry