Interview: Cole Seely – I need to take more risks

Cole Seely is once again the main man at Honda after Ken Roczen’s injury and the stylish and technical Californian is now up to second in points through consistency – but he wants more!

In a very honest interview with Doug Turney, Seely, a supercross specialist, admits he needs to take more risks but says he doesn’t really feel the extra pressure by being the only man under HRC Honda’s tent.

Now with Ken out and you in second place (in the series) you are the key guy for Honda, any extra pressure going into the rest of the season?

Yes and no, I mean I always put the pressure on myself, I wouldn’t say there is any extra pressure, I’ve kind of been Honda’s only guy due to injury for four or five years now. I’m kind of used to it at this point of being the only guy and having the team essentially on my bike. I don’t think it’s unfortunate or anything, obviously I wish Kenny was out there with me racing but from my standpoint putting pressure on myself is something that comes natural, I don’t add any, I still focus on putting together good starts and a good race, I don’t let it fluster me.

I noticed looking at the results in the first few races, you and Jason seem to be the most consistent, what is it with the consistency in your racing?

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I just try to ride a smart race. Glendale was the only one this year where I got a bad start, I fell in the start of the heat race, and that affects your pick for the main event and it funnels down the night. I just try put myself in good positions and not take too many unnecessary risks, even if I do get a bad start I try to make passes as quick as I can to get to the front, whether that is first or fifth, it’s important to get through that pack and get to the front and make as little errors as possible and ride a smart race. I have kind of been that way through my whole career it’s a blessing and unfortunate, I need to be closer to the front and I need to take more risks and step outside my comfort zone but I have a hard time doing that.

Consistency does win championships though..

Yeah I haven’t had a great standout season, some really good rides but nothing phenomenal so consistency does help for sure.

Seely Press Day – Monster Energy Supercross Tampa FL.

Now we are back on the east coast, you mentioned you will be out here for the majority rest of the season, it’s hot and humid today (Friday and will probably be like that tomorrow, do you think that will impact the race?

I think most of us are used to it by now, with the outdoor season it is like that 80% of the time. I came out here last summer and stayed and it was a lot hotter than it is here now. I think Aldon Baker’s guys are all used to and a handfull of live here in Florida. I mainly doing for the training, it’s easier to be out here but also for the flights, it’s a lot easier to fly from Florida to the east coast rounds rather than California, where you essentially miss a day, Friday, which kind of sucks because you don’t get a lot of time recover on Friday. It makes the schedule make more sense when you stay on the East coast.

Next week in Atlanta we have the triple crown format again. Did you take anything away from it at A2, with strategies or training?

I don’t train any differently for, everyone goes into it like it’s a sprint race and anyone can win kind of thing. But it’s not it’s more racing, you are racing more minutes that actually count. It’s definitely a fun format, you have to be intense and explosive and ready to race right off the bat. It’ a different element thrown into the sport but it’s coo to see the sport going through some growing pains.

You mentioned the time on the track, do you think it’s not as critical to get a good start as some people make out?

In the last one if you don’t get a great start you have a longer moto to make up some time but in the first one it’s crucial to get a good start and be on the right foot for the rest of the night.

Interview and pics: Doug Turney