Interview: Brad Anderson – domination at Matterley Basin!

As Brad Anderson lay unconscious at Hawkstone Park you wouldn’t have thought the gritty Brit would be standing on top of the podium at the British GP a month later but Anderson, amazingly, has done just that!

Two wins in the EMX2T class after some tough battles on his Verde KTM show that Ando is indeed back to his best just a few weeks after a crash that had many thinking would lead to retirement.

But it’s days like Matterley Basin that make all the sacrifice and injuries worthwhile and the smile on Anderson and the team’s face told it’s own story.

Brad kindly gave us a couple of minutes of his time to talk us through a dream weekend at Matterley Basin.

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A perfect day and a perfect weekend for you, you must be over the moon!

Yeah the first race was a little bit easier than the second one, well saying that, I came off in the first one! Conditions yesterday were nice but today it was a bit slippy because they watered it and we were first out so I had to take my time in those first few laps. Then I caught Brad (Todd) up and we were having a ding-dong, a couple of times I thought I was getting past but didn’t! It was a good, sensible ride, I got a bit of arm pump but I am really happy to come away with the win at my home GP.

It looked like you were working hard to get Brad, you were going inside, outside but he wasn’t letting you have it easy!

Yeah I was trying everything. I thought I had got him a couple of times but he back at us but I thought I just needed to do nothing stupid. I thought because the race was longer I would come out on top if I didn’t come off because I knew he would tire a bit because it’s his first race on the two-stroke. We had a good ride, he had a good ride and we kept in sensible! Well done to my team Verde sports KTM for doing an awesome job, my mechanic Chris and Steve for doing the engines and Ade for working on my bike.

In the first moto you whipped it doing your pass for second – you must have been feeling the flow!

I got a good run out of the corner and Kovar did that to us last year so I thought I’ll try that this year! I kept it low and it’s not like me to keep it low and I managed to get the kid, I’m happy that I did that and see we have a bit of style about us ( laughs).

And with Krass having a DNF it’s sets you up well in the championship…

Yeah the team just said, I didn’t know that until I came off the track there. There’s something about this place he doesn’t like – he keeps on getting DNFs. Yeah, so a good championship lead now and try and keep it going.

A month ago we all know what happened at Hawkstone Park, now a double win at the British GP, you must be astounded with your comeback!

Yeah, you wouldn’t think at Hawkstone I would be here really, it’s been a transformation, obviously my nose is still broken, it’s hard to breath. Everyone can’t believe it, they thought I was going to pack in, but here I am with two wins at the British GP, it’s unbelievable to be honest!