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Interview: Andrea Bonacorsi on an impressive EMX250 campaign and MX2 GP ambitions

Interview: Andrea Bonacorsi on an impressive EMX250 campaign and MX2 GP ambitions
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Andrea Bonarcorsi talks about his win in EMX250 and going for the title as he continues his superb season in a very competitive class with MX2 in his sights for 2024.

GateDrop: Andrea, it is never easy to come here and take on the sand specialists in the Netherlands so you must be delighted to take the win…

Bonacorsi: Exactly, I feel pretty good in the sand actually. It’s already been three years that I have been here in the Netherlands so I feel really good here. I had two consistent moto’s, in the first moto I was a bit tired at the beginning but I loosened up at the end and I was just a bit short for the win. In the second moto, I was there at the front in the top five and didn’t make any mistakes. I was more or less the whole moto in third – I was able to pass Karssemakers in the last two laps to take the overall win. Really happy about the weekend and I want to thank everybody on the team and everybody that makes it happen and possible, thank you.

GateDrop: You don’t always make things easy with not the best of starts but you are able to stay calm and just work your way through the field all the time. I think that is important in EMX250 as it can be chaotic out there with a lot of younger riders…

Bonacorsi: Yeah, exactly. I think that is key in EMX, everybody wants to win really bad and MX2 is a bit more calm. EMX is a war during the first laps so it is key to stay out of trouble and no mistakes, that is what I did this weekend. I am really proud of it.

Image: Danny Relouw

GateDrop: A new Dutch GP track in Arnhem, how did you find it? I was expecting something similar to Valkenswaard but I think it was deeper than that track…

Bonacorsi: Yeah, actually I wasn’t expecting it to get as deep as it is now let’s say. The sand is really lose so it is really nice. You can make quite a lot of difference but if you do have a bad start it is a bit tight to pass but I liked the track, it was really good.

GateDrop: Coming into the EMX250 season you had a lot of pressure because you were one of the favourites but you’ve dealt well with the pressure having a great season – what would it mean to you to clinch this championship?

Bonacorsi: You know, I came into this championship and my team and everybody, they were a bit counting on me but I think pressure is a privilege like my team manager told me. That is what I am doing until now, pressure is what I decide to do because this sport is what I love and I think it is just fun. I want to bring home the best results as possible.

GateDrop: Next year, do you think you’ll be making the jump up to MX2 at last or are you still waiting to see?

Bonacorsi: I think for sure we will jump up to MX2 next year. Soon we are going to know something more about it.

GateDrop: Are you looking forward to making that jump up to MX2 and is it possible you could race Maggiora in MX2 this year as part of the prep?

Bonacorsi: Right now the full focus is on the next race which is Turkey and then we will see. For sure I want to be ready to compete in the top five next year in MX2 so I think this year was a good step mentally for me. I am really looking forward to next year.

Images: Danny Relouw

Interview: Andy McKinstry

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