Interview: Adam Sterry – showing sensational speed at Hawkstone!

Adam Sterry might just have been the stand-out performance of the day at Hawkstone Park.

If not for a small mistake halfway round the penultimate lap of the final MX2 moto, Sterry would have had the perfect day after going pole and leading every lap of both motos – until the last lap in race two!

But Sterry has proven he has the speed in a stacked field full of quality GP riders, showing that he will be a rider to be reckoned with in 2019.

We caught up with the F&H Kawasaki star to get his thoughts on what was probably once of the best performances of his career.

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A brilliant performance today and you were a lap and a half away from the MX2 overall win but I’m sure you are still extremely pleased with how your riding is and the starts!

I’m taking away from today that I won the overall. A small mistake on the second to last lap but I led every lap except the last one there! I’m really happy with my riding, happy with three holeshots, I almost holeshot the Superfinal but against the 450s that’s more difficult! Yeah, as I say I can only take positives from today, a small mistake, but my riding was really good especially with the stacked line-up this weekend.

It looked like apart from the mistake you made that saw you go down, you didn’t seem to make a mistake all day, you were so smooth!

That was it! The one mistake I made was on the last lap when it counted but yeah, mistake free all weekend and I can only take positives from it and take that to Argentina.

Sterry showed his speed to the huge home crowd. Pic: Scott Dunne

What do you think has made the difference this winter, I supppose being healthy is helping but you have Marc De Reuter helping you now too?

Yeah Marc and living in Holland has helped, a lot better bike as well so thanks to the team for that and I’m healthy, that’s the main point. Last year and the year before I rode with so many injuries and it’s just hindered me, I couldn’t do my training in the week so it’s a downward spiral. But now I’m all healthy, we need to keep it that way and it should be good.

And those starts, you took three holeshots in MX2 (with the re-start) and almost got it against the 450s! What’s the secret?

I kinda had a cheating gate! I was on the outside so it was hard after the gate all the way up. I knew I had to get a good qualifying time for that reason, I ride here a lot and know that’s the case. I got my lap in on lap two and that’s how it ended. (Pole position).

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The track was in great condition and the crowd was massive today, it must have felt great to lead in front of them!

Every single straight I saw someone cheer me on so I would like to say thank you to everyone for that! It’s the busiest I have seen Hawkstone since I’ve rode it which is good because this club puts a lot of work in, it’s a very special track and it’s a very historic race, it’s good to see them get a good crowd.

Finally, just on the GPs, what are your expectations and hopes for 2019?

Just to try my hardest. This is my last year in MX2, I don’t really have results , I kind of have in my head where I want to be but I just want to try my hardest and enjoy every race. As it’s my last year in MX2 I don’t know what’s going to happen (after), I will just try my best in every race and whatever happens, happens.