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Interview: Adam Sterry – returning to the MXGP paddock in 2024

Interview: Adam Sterry – returning to the MXGP paddock in 2024
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It has been announced that Adam Sterry will be back in the MXGP paddock this year racing the MXGP World Championship. The plan for the British talent is to race most of the championship including fly away MXGP rounds. The team may not travel to Indonesia as it clashes with a round of the ADAC series but they plan to contest the rest of the rounds including Argentina.

With the brilliant news of another Brit racing MXGP in 2024, we caught up with Sterry to discuss his deal and more.

GateDrop: Adam, you’ve signed a deal with Schmicker KTM for 2024. How did the deal all come about with the team?

Sterry: I was interested in racing the GP’s again and during one of the ADAC rounds Jef (Janssen) approached me and it went from there really.

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GateDrop: You’ll race the MXGP World Championship again, you must be buzzing to race with the best riders in the world again in 2024?

Sterry: Yeah I mean it’s the pinnacle in Europe and still think I have more to give which is what wanted me to try and find a good MXGP deal again. The level is so high but with a good team and hard work I think we can have a great season.

GateDrop: You did a couple of GP’s last year and I remember speaking to you at Lommel when you were there watching due to a recent injury you had, what was it like spectating that day? I am sure you were busting to be out there!

Sterry: Yeah I broke my hand a couple weeks before at the ADAC so meant I missed Czech and Lommel GP’s which are two of my favourites. So, yeah, it wasn’t ideal but it’s also where I live so thought I’d go and spectate.

GateDrop: Last year we only had one Brit in the MXGP class being Ben Watson. With you back in and Josh Gilbert also in, I think that is really positive, you must be looking forward to battling with them in MXGP?

Sterry: Yeah I think it’s important we have British riders in the MXGP championship, for the sport in the UK to grow I think this is important. With Ben still racing, with now myself and Josh I think between us we can achieve good results.

GateDrop: I think you’ve been living in the Belgium the past few years, will you be based in Germany for 2024 or remain where you are?

Sterry: No, I will stay with my program in Belgium, that worked well the last two years and I want to keep building from that. Riding and testing with the team in Germany adds more tracks that I can ride which is also a benefit.

GateDrop: For 2024, what are your goals for the MXGP World Championship and ADAC MX Masters?

Sterry: Enjoy being back and try to enjoy each round more, I work hard and think with that I can achieve good results, see where we are at and build from there. No result based goals but no one goes to make up the numbers, right?

GateDrop: The past few years your full focus has been on the ADAC MX Masters – what’s your thoughts on that championship?

Sterry: It is a really good championship. Anyone who’s has spoke to me the last two years about it will know what I think. It is competitive, has good tracks, well organised, big crowds and good prize money. I think it’s the best run domestic series that in the UK, I think we can learn from.

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