Herlings outlines goals for the rest of his Motocross career

Jeffrey Herlings has revealed that he would like to race a few more years in the MXGP World Championship and then end his racing career by racing a year of AMA Nationals. The five time world champion has been linked to racing the AMA Motocross season before but bar a one off race at Ironman he’s not raced a full championship. However, it’s something he’d like to do in his last year as a professional racer.

With Eli Tomac likely to focus on Supercross for the rest of his career, Herlings wouldn’t race him with he’d likely go up against the likes of Chase Sexton and the Lawrence Brothers.

Speaking to Geoff Meyer at MXLarge, Herlings said his ultimate goal is to finish his career racing in America.

“My ultimate goal would be to do a few more seasons here in Europe and then end my career racing a year in America. I would love to finish my career with one year of outdoors. It is a short series, and just one day and I am a big fan of that. It is a pity by then Eli (Tomac) will probably be finished racing, but at the same time there will be some new guys coming in”, Herlings told MXLarge

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Herlings hasn’t had an easy time with injuries throughout his career missing the entire 2022 season through injury after his impressive 2021 world title but let’s hope he can stay injury free the next couple of years so fans around the world can enjoy the last few years of his career.

The 2023 season will also be Herlings last year on his current Factory KTM contract so he’ll be eager to get that extended to allow him to continue racing with the brand he’s been with his whole career. Being with KTM would also make it easier for him to end his career racing in America like what we saw with Antonio Cairoli this year.

You can read the full interview with Herlings in the link below as he discusses his injuries, progress – he’s now been back on the bike for a month and more.

Source: MXLarge

Image: Ray Archer