Graeme Irwin discusses Irish MXoN team

After the news dropped regarding this years Team Ireland MXoN selection, we thought we’d get in touch with Graeme Irwin to get his thoughts. Irwin knows plenty about modern day Motocross.

Not only has he experience racing the event for Ireland but has also raced the MXGP World Championship which is an even higher level and he’s the last Irish rider to race at the highest level of the sport.

On what he thought when he saw the team announced…

No disrespect to the riders that’s selected but Martin Barr should have been on that team, 100%. He’s the most experienced rider by far and there’s no doubt in a world class field at Mantova. Especially at that track, he should have been in. You know I’ve heard that it’s time for Martin to step aside and let the younger guys have a go. But I mean, is it a funfair? The attitude seems to be that he’s done it so many times now so let’s give someone else the experience of doing it. That isn’t what it’s about, you send your best three riders and for me it’s not even a question. Are you going there to take part or why are you going?

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I could go into a lot of things about previous team managers that maybe wanted us to go into the B final. That’s a joke and it’s a disgrace. It’s team Ireland, if they finish top ten overall, that’s a great achievement but this whole thing of just going to give someone a chance of going there… It’s frustrating, very very frustrating!

On what he thinks about team selection and that it should come down to merit…

I’m not going to comment on who I’d have picked and who I wouldn’t have because I think that’s unfair but I really do feel Martin Barr should have been on that team 100%. I don’t know what experience Mark Farrelly has when it comes to it. He could have picked up the phone and asked for some advice.

I just don’t see the reason behind it, I look at the results from this year and Martin was injured at the start of the year and still was challenging for podiums. Stuart Edmonds is riding amazing and this year would be my number one pick, Jason Meara has regrouped and coming back strong especially the last couple rounds and Jake Sheridan is a determined rider, currently running mid pack 15-20 position.

You look at it all, and you think, how was the decision actually made and why was it made? Mark never answered that question in his interview. I think it’s a joke. I don’t know if the people in Team Ireland take it serious and don’t want to go for a good result or what it is. Maybe they just want to go for a p**s up weekend. I mean if I was a rider in the team I would grow a set and say, hold on a second, I don’t feel we are sending the best team and stand up for Martin.

An update on himself a possible future plans on racing…

“For me, I’m riding quite a lot at the moment. I’m riding really good and was out yesterday feeling really good and riding well. I was toying with the idea of racing the MX National UK series at Cusses Gorse this weekend but I decided to have some more time on the bike. My reasons for riding are totally for fun now, even though I can ride as fast as ever, it’s not my number one priority anymore”.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Nigel McKinstry