Gajser explains why he prefers two day MXGP format

Tim Gajser has explained why he prefers a two day format in MXGP after his win at the British GP.

The event certainly has a better vibe with all classes in action over both days and the GP qualifying wins by Laengenfelder and Renaux demonstrated how Saturday can add extra intrigue for Sunday’s races.

Speaking to Gatedrop, Tim said: “I really like that we have the two day format back and it’s rougher than it was for the past two years when we just had one day of riding. The first moto was always like a flat track and I also like that they didn’t touch the track from Saturday to Sunday. Already first moto so many deep ruts, you really had to look for the lines, the track was really technical. Hopefully they are going to keep making tracks safe and rough.”

And he isn’t the only one with Liam Everts feeling the two format was better when we spoke to him at Hawkstone and Kevin Horgmo told Andy McKinstry, “For sure, I prefer the two days. Maybe the qualifying race is a little bit extra risk but for me it was good to get a lot of sessions and get out on track a few more times than only three times. It is quite hectic with the one-day format so yeah, I really enjoy the two-day format.”

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Stephen Rubini was also a fan of the return to normality: “I really like the two-day format because like I said earlier, Saturday we could progress a lot with the bike which we weren’t able to do last year. Overall, I think it is better because each day is different and the track is changing all day. With two days we can change things, try things and get better, it’s better to have more time for that. I think it allows for better races also.”

While a slightly less conclusive Jed Beaton opined: “I mean in one way it’s a good thing for more track time and setting up the bike a little bit. On the other hand it is a lot of riding so it’s a win-lose situation. It’s nice to do so much riding but also on race day you wake up a little bit stiff. We will just need to get used to it, we haven’t done it in so long. I am sure after a few rounds we’ll be good.”

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Article: Jonathan McCready

Image: Honda

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