Foxborough preview and track map – Webb’s opportunity!

After Justin Barcia’s accidental wipe-out of Jett Lawrence, the championship battle has been given life again especially if you are Cooper Webb!

If there is anyone you do not want to give hope to, it is Cooper Webb, the former champ loves a late run using the momentum of a situation and digging in until he outlasts his rivals. Jett Lawrence is a different kettle of fish of course, but the question is how healthy is he after being blown of his bike by Barcia?

This weekend is Cooper Webb’s chance at really putting the pressure on a maybe not 100% Lawrence, it’s time to go for it. Webb is capable of doing anything when a title is on the line as we saw with his duels with Tomac and Roczen, but he knows and likes Jett Lawrence and the Lawrence family, having trained at their facility, will that limit the length he will go to to win this title?

Who knows, but Webb is at his best when he has fire, anger and momentum. He has to take advantage of the opportunity Barcia created. Foxborough is absolutely huge for the championship momentum, if Jett wins, he shuts the opportunity down and extends the leads with only four rounds to go, if Webb beats him it becomes less than eight and Lawrence has his back against the wall for the first time.

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This race could be pivotal – and it’s currently raining!

Cover image: Yamaha

Foxborough images: Doug Turney

Article: Jonathan McCready