Emilio Scuteri signs with SRS Racing

SRS Racing have been in the GP paddock in the past and will make a return for the 2021 season. The team have signed up young Italian talent, Emilio Scuteri and will race the MX2 Italian Championship as well as the EMX250 series. 

Scuteri has been with the Celestini KTM team for a number of years but now has a new challenge on the Honda for the 2021 season. 

“The agreement with the new team was helped by having contact for many years . I had a proposal from SRS already in 2013 when I was 85, then this year there was an interest on their part and also on my part so we started this new adventure. I expect to improve on my riding in 2021 and also as a rider, I want to become a complete rider in everything and I want to do my best in every race”, Scuteri told GateDrop.com. 

“Over the years I have always needed people with experience who can help me grow and this year I think I made the right choice.. let’s see if the future will prove us right. A really big thanks to the all team SRSRACING for believing in me, all sponsors who supporter me and my family”, Scuteri concluded.