Cooper Webb on passing Roczen and the air shock

Cooper Webb talked to the media after his race win at Houston about his own problems with the lappers, the pass on Roczen, his slow start to the season and the air shock.


Yeah, it obviously wasn’t ideal. We caught a pack and I just didn’t get through them. Obviously as we saw, it was tough tonight with lappers. I lost a lot. Just put my head down. I knew we were really close in times, so I knew it was going to be super hard. Just kept chipping away, chipping away. By the end we closed the gap a little. As time kind of ran out, I felt like I made a really good charge at the end. Tough for all of us [with the lappers] for sure tonight.

Slow start to the season

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Yeah, we’re getting better obviously. It’s been a little bit of a struggle. It wasn’t the off-season that I was hoping for by any means. We have some new stuff on the bike this year. Race conditions are always different than the practice track. I think these first few rounds we’ve had a lot of traction, a lot more than I think any of us were anticipating. So, it’s been a little tough, but I got to give it to my Red Bull KTM team. We’ve been changing stuff basically every time we’re on the track, and tonight we made the right call. So I’m pumped on that. Now we have some time to ride. That’s the biggest thing we didn’t want to do, come here not dialed in and chase your tail while you’re trying to race. I’m stoked that from the first Saturday to this Saturday is massive gains. Looking to keep building with the long series still to come.

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(It) reminds me a lot of ’19. First two rounds I was kind of off the radar and got the win at the third round. So it feels similar to that. It’s stacked, man. As you saw these first three rounds, it’s track position and starts. I think as we kind of go maybe to more series, they’ll kind of tweak around with the tracks and get them to where we can hopefully get some better racing in. We’re in a good spot. It’s still early. It’s going to be a lot of good and bad nights and you’ve just got to with what you’re dealt.

A plan for Roczen?

There wasn’t much of a plan. Really until the last five I was still kind of chipping away. So I think it was more of I just kind of went for it. Found some lines and just tried to put some really good laps in at the end. I got close, but not really a plan, we were kind of doing the same lines and the same kind of thing, so I just wanted to get close. When you get close and with pressure and with the fans back into it, it can lead to mistakes. No real plan. Just get close, and when you get close I just tend to kind of play it out and see what needs to be done.

Air shock

Obviously our [air] shock is a lot different now, not being on a spring one. So it’s a lot to learn about. Like I said, I didn’t spend much time at all in California. We’re all so close that when you’re comfortable on the bike it makes a huge difference. Just working with balance. There’s so much to try. Like I said, at the level we’re at, you’re looking for just that one percent of comfort or whatever it may be. We messed with forks, shocks, pull rods all day and just kind of came up with a combo that felt like it was going to be the best for the main event. Obviously I felt like they made the right decision. We’ll hopefully stick with that and get some laps in and keep building.

Differences to spring

It’s quite a bit different. That’s for sure. Immediately I liked it a lot. It’s hard to explain without knowing the differences and feeling it. It just seems to be a lot plusher and more progressive, which I really enjoy. It’s just fine tuning it, though. It’s totally different. It’s all new. I think the KTM GP guys rode it at the end of the year for outdoors in GP’s, but that’s it. It’s all new from when Dunge rode it back in the day. We’re still working on it, we’re just trying to improve it as much as we can, but we feel like it’s still a better package than the spring. A lot different than traditional, but it seems to have some good qualities.

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