Video: Cianciarulo back on the bike – still loves motocross

Adam Cianciarulo has written an emotional post about being back on the bike and how, despite all the injuries, he still loves the sport and will, once again, put his heart and soul back into racing.

The US talent, who has show some fantastic speed on the 450 until injury hits, articulated: “When you care about something, give all of yourself to it, and it doesn’t go how you want it to; it sucks. It can make you question yourself, your work, the sacrifices, and everything that comes with trying to reach your goals. In those low moments, if you’re not careful, it can make you bitter. There’s times I’ve asked myself, how can I do all this work and make all these sacrifices and this happen? Looking back, as a man, those moments are the most significant periods of growth. A spot you only find yourself in when you care so much.

“The truth is, hard work doesn’t guarantee me anything, and life doesn’t owe me anything. These last six months have been difficult, but as I rode today, once again, I was reminded of the love I have for this. How I’m willing to do anything to give myself a chance to accomplish what I’m capable of. I was reminded that I would walk this same path 1000 times over. I’m in a relentless pursuit of my goals; I will always give it everything—and I’m not scared to fail. I look forward to building myself back up and being competitive at the top level. Appreciate all the fans and everyone still with me on this journey. I am a lucky dude. The grind continues! Let’s go, baby.”

See AC in action below:

Image: Kawasaki