Christian Craig on still being in the 250 class and going 450 next year

Christian Craig is in superb and unbeaten form in the 250 West coast at the minute but he has admitted he did ask Star Racing if he could ride a 450 this season in the opposite coast in supercross, but feels it wouldn’t be a risk worth taking with a title on the line – but he will be on one next year!

Craig also explained in the press conference that has been getting a lot of criticism for still being in the 250 division but explained why he is still in the class as he looks to capture his first pro title.

You’re making everything look really easy at the minute, you’re carrying a lot of flow and momentum. Do you feel you’ve still another level to go if you’re challenged more? Second part of that is, would you consider riding the 450 on the opposite coast? Because your form looks that good, it would be interesting to see you on a 450 as well.

(Smiles) I’d love to, but the position I’m in, obviously it’s risk. So, I don’t see that happening with the 450. Even though I did ask in the preseason. That was a question for the team, try to get a couple of those rounds. But I don’t see that happening. The past few weeks I’ve been able to manage the race, kind of know where I’m a little bit faster and do that. I know there’s going to be weeks where I’m going to be fighting harder. That’s where I do think my fitness is strong to where I do have some in the tank where I’m going to be able to push until the end and dig deep. That was all the motos in the off-season. Doing motos with Justin Cooper and trying to do that stuff, so it all kind of translates to race day. This feels like another practice day with the boys. Just feeling comfortable, clicking off my laps and managing the race. Luckily, I’ve been able to do that so far.

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A couple days ago you released a Tweet sort of explaining why you’re still in the 250 class. I’m just wondering the motivational factors or having to do this. Is this something that social media brings? Secondly, if you can go out there and win this championship, next year do you defend, or does that change that as well?

No, that doesn’t change. I’m going to go to 450 either way. That was just kind of explaining my career. I’m one of the most hated guys on social media lately. I don’t know why. I’m one of the nicest guys out there. But everyone has their favorite rider, and everyone likes to talk. So, I just put a little Tweet out there. Just my career. I’ve been hurt more than I’ve raced, and it’s unfortunate. No one has had a career like me, and I hope nobody does. I’ve been in the hospital a lot. I’ve dealt with some big injuries. I’ve had to step away from racing. I get to enjoy this now. I’ll smile every time I’m racing when I’m on the line. I know these days are limited and you don’t get a lot of them. I like to tell everyone around me, enjoy it while you can. Even the bad days, if they don’t work out your best, enjoy it because you’ll look back one day. It’s just being grateful.

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