Catching up with: Albie Wilkie!

When Albie Wilkie won the EMX150 championship back in 2014 there was a feeling that he could go on to have a good career for himself. Not only did he win the series but he beat Jere Haavisto to the title who is certainly no slouch.

As Wilkie won the championship he secured himself a ride with the Jtech Honda team who were a good team at the time. Wilkie put himself in a good situation by securing himself a ride in the EMX250 series with a good team.

However, it wasn’t long before Wilkie seemed to just disappear as the young Brit decided to take some time away from the sport.

We decided to catch up with Wilkie to see what he’s up to these days, we have a feeling you might just see him back at the races soon!

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Gatedrop: Albie, you obviously don’t race anymore so what are you up to these days?

Albie Wilkie: Yes, this is true. I don’t race any more and I hardly ever ride these days, however for the past five weeks I have been getting to grips with my KXF250.  For the past two years things have been tough for me as I have tried so many different aspects of life and still this is where life has led me too, to ride motocross.

Gatedrop: You made the decision to stop racing a year after winning the EMX150 series, why did you take the decision to stop?

Albie Wilkie: I stopped racing because with everything going on at the time it was very hard to handle and at that time I was very young minded. I took everything for granted, now I have had time out and thought about every possible situation and most of all ‘grown up’ I realise what it takes to be a top motocross athlete.

Gatedrop: I believe you are involved in training now, how is all that going for you?

Albie Wilkie: Yes, I am training very hard now because I have finally come to my senses that motocross was meant for me, everybody has their talents but if talent does not work hard, hard work beats talent and that’s where I always went wrong. My talent is putting my leg over a motocross bike for sure and everything that has happened so far in my life has taught me a very big lesson and I am a lot wiser now and stronger minded.

Gatedrop: Looking back how did it feel to win the EMX150 series?

Albie Wilkie: To win the EMX150 title was a big moment in my life and I’d pretty much do anything to get back to where I was at that point.  Everything I always wanted was right in front of me and I was to stupid enough not to take it with both hands and ride the waves but instead I quit, which to most people looks like I do not have what it takes to be a champion, but can I just say I’m a big believer in what ever happens in life happens for a reason! My reason has brought me back stronger and better than ever.

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Pic: Scorchimages

Gatedrop: The year after you won that series, you rode in the EMX250 series with JTech Honda which were a decent team at the time. How was it being part of their team?

Albie Wilkie: Being part of J-tech was to me (living the dream) and for sure I loved every moment with those guys, the team boys where an aspiration to me and I looked up to those guys and watching them everyday grinding and putting there hearts and souls into the sport which to me is incredible. So, yes it was a dream come true I was just so stupid to throw it all away at the time.



Gatedrop: Looking back have you any regrets or would you do anything different if you could?

Albie Wilkie: No, I do not regret anything that has happened in my life, as I said I’m a strong believer in what happens in life happens for a reason. Yes, I would like to know what that reason could be but I’m just happy I’m back now and stronger than I have ever been, but there is one thing I would of done different and that is to have not let everybody that was helping me down at the time. A phrase I like to use ‘Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift’, that’s why it’s called the present.

Gatedrop: Some other top riders from the EMX150 series are Jere Haavisto and Alberto Forato, what do you think when you see those both those at the front of the EMX250 series now?

Albie Wilkie: I know it’s very cool to see those guys doing there thing and I congratulate them, I would like to know where I would also be right now if I didn’t throw it away like I did.

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Gatedrop: Your back riding for fun now, how is all that going for you and could we see you make a return to racing in future?

Albie Wilkie: Yes I am riding now, pretty much only when I can because of the English weather it’s not too good for the tracks at this time of year.  Whilst I have the time at the moment I have been helping the younger guys train and helping them be where they want to be and give them that extra push, put them in the right direction rather than where I went wrong. Yes, for sure you will see my face again – Wilkies back now ready for the wars.

Gatedrop: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Albie Wilkie: Yes I would like to thank my dad most of all for everything he has done for me, all them late nights cleaning the bike getting everything ready for the next round, travelling and putting his heart and soul into me I will never forget, also J-tech Honda for their love and support towards me and everybody around at that time you made the dream worth living and I am so thankful for all of that!