Brian Jorgensen discusses Bobby Bruce and his potential

We recently caught up with Brian Jorgensen as a guest on our GateDropPod which we’ve introduced this year and the former Grand Prix rider had lots of interesting stories to tell us. 

The Dane clearly loves the sport and decided to go into coaching after hanging up his Motocross boots at the highest level. The former GP winner has been working with young British talent Bobby Bruce who has started the EMX125 series very impressively. 

Jorgensen offered his thoughts on the young Brit and more: 

“With Bobby, I actually already started to work with him when he was riding a Kawasaki on the 85cc and then we made the decision to move him up to the 125cc quite early.  This was because he was getting quite big and I could see that was maybe getting a problem on the 85cc. I worked with him before and then we had a couple of years apart and then I started working with him again. One of the main things is that I believe the preparation really starts in the winter so that’s what I’ve been doing and also with him. I prepare the riders at Redsand and we do a lot of riding and cycling. I am so blessed that I still have the will and determination to even ride a motorcycle so the technical parts of what I show, I can also do it myself still. I don’t want to do moto’s with them because I can only last for fifteen minutes maybe (laughs)”.

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“I do a lot of cycling and a lot of training with them so for me that is really nice. When it comes to Bobby he is a very skilled technical wise. But to become successful there’s other things you need to have like routines and you need to put all those things in place. You need to train and while doing it, you need to be 100% focused in what you are doing. With Bobby there’s a lot on the technical side we can improve here and there. I have a lot of experience when it comes to line choices or whatever which is a very important part. When you have a rider that already has a good technical understanding it becomes more natural to him so there’s more on the mental side of having routines, believing in yourself and working really hard off the bike as well. This will give you a lot more stronger possibilities to be successful in this sport and to be stronger mentally when you know you’ve done everything possible and not just a little bit. There’s a difference between doing it and doing it right and that’s what I have achieved with Bobby and still achieving. I hope to work with him  not only for this year but the years to come because I think he has the potential to be very good if we do it the right way”.

“You know when it comes to coaching it’s important to have respect and the other way back. I always speak to my students with a lot of respect, it doesn’t matter if you are up here and down there. If you speak with respect then you also get it back. It’s not about Brian Jorgensen and I’ve done this and that because no one really wants to hear about that. It’s more about what he can use from my road that he can use in his to benefit him, that’s what is important”.

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Pic: Nigel McKinstry