Bob Buchanan on EMX 2t, EMX250 age rule and GL12 KTM

Team boss at the GL12 KTM Racing team, Bob Buchanan has give us his thoughts on the decision to put an age rule in the EMX250 class which will be the same as the MX2 World Championship – under 23.

“I think the idea behind the EMX250 rule has the right motive to give a path for the youth to progress through the classes. If you are doing that however the age limit on EMX250 needs to be lower than MX2 otherwise when you are aged out of EMX250 you’re also aged out of MX2”.

“Personally I think there should now be no age limit in MX2 and make it a true world championship, unlike the Junior world championship it currently is”. Buchanan commented.

The EMX300 championship has also been scraped for the 2019 season with a new EMX 2t championship being formed. The idea behind the class will be for the riders who are too old for MX2 and not competitive enough for the MXGP class.

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“As for the tinkering with the two stroke class as much as I am one of the biggest exponent of this I don’t see the professional riders that are aged out from EMX250 will find professional teams that will be able to generate enough sponsorship to pay their wages, travel expenses etc to do this class”.

“I would love to see Mel Pocock, Steven Clarke, Martin Barr and Josh Spinks etc going at it with Brad (Anderson) and Mike (Kras) on two strokes but the reality is no one will pay them to do it because the class doesn’t attract enough support from the industry”. Buchanan commented.

Buchanan also give us an update on his GL12 KTM team for the 2019 season. “As of right now I don’t have any bikes for 2019”.

Asked if he wants to have a team he stated, “Of course but you cannot race motocross without any motocross bikes”. It remains to be seen if the GL12 team will remain the paddock but they’ve been in this situation before and still managed to put together a team.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Nigel McKinstry