Anton Wass offers Stark VARG update

¨It is now the beginning of October and I wanted to give you some updates on Stark Future and the VARG. Back in June, we invited over 50 motocross media from all over the world, to come to Barcelona and put our bike to the test. We are extremely grateful for the incredible feedback that came out of the Global press launch. Now we just can’t wait for thousands of riders to also get the opportunity to try the VARG.

We have been working extremely hard here at Stark Future on all aspects of the company, building our organization from Business to production. We have deployed a sales force to work hard at having a local presence in all significant markets. And we are now building up our sales support area for all our customers, and the best dealership network possible, with the target of giving Stark customers average dealership proximity of 100km (62miles) or less.

Currently, we are here just outside Barcelona in our New 20.000 M2/ 215.000sqft production facility, where we have already installed 2 battery manufacturing lines and 1 Motorcycle assembly line and we are now working tirelessly to start delivering a high-quality product all over the world.¨

However, we are also here as we are seeing recurring questions regarding delivery dates.

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When will I get my bike…?

I personally have almost zero patience, so I have a full understanding of everyone feeling frustrated to wait for their delivery… But I would like to reassure you that our Team is doing a fantastic job to get this bike ready for production, as fast as possible without compromise. But the impact, of the Global supply chain issues, has affected us more than we had anticipated, and our production scaleup is taking longer than we had expected.

A few minor setbacks have had an impact on our production and facility plans, currently, everyone at Stark Future is working Day and Night in order to start delivering bikes, but we will have a few months’ delay… we invite you to log in & review your new estimated delivery date on

– Within the next few weeks, Stark sales support will call every single customer to update you and clarify any questions you may have regarding your delivery.

Meanwhile, our team is continually working hard to deliver a bike that will overachieve your expectations¨

Words: Anton Wass