Anstie on Daytona – Gnarly!

It was another successful step in his supercross learning curve as Max Anstie qualified through the heat race again to make his second main event in a row – but he admitted Daytona left him feeling like a fish out of water! The Twisted HEP Suzuki rider rode well on the tricky track to get 14th but says everything felt alien to him at the unique event.

Anstie said on social media: “From the moment I arrived at Daytona I felt like I was Lightning McQueen in the Piston cup! It’s always been a dream to race Daytona Supercross with the best guys in the world! The team and I made progress all day and we learnt a lot. I rode my laps in the main event and came away with a 14th. I’m looking forward to heading to Texas next week.

“Let’s just say I can understand now when the Americans go to Europe and they struggle… sitting on the start line for this race felt so alien and “not normal” everything about the whole day and track conditions were for lack of a better word…GNARLY. I’m loving it though.”

Image: photowil

Article: Jonathan McCready