Andrew Short discusses MXGP, Lommel, Herlings and Cairoli

Andrew Short was a guest at the MXGP of Belgium in Lommel and it was the American’s first time at a World Championship. He has experienced the Motocross Des Nations and even represented America but this was his first time in Europe to witness the World Championship and he couldn’t have picked a better track to spectate at – it was gnarly! 

We caught up with Andrew Short in one of our recent podcasts as he offered his thoughts on the Grand Prix and more. 

Experience of being at an MXGP and Lommel… 

It’s a race that’s unique. To appreciate it you have to see it in real life because TV never does anything justice. To have the opportunity to go there and check it out was cool. I’ve never been to an MXGP, I’ve been to a Des Nations when it was in U.S when I participated. For sure it is much different when you are there and to see it in Europe on a track that’s so historic and challenging, it was really cool. To see the paddock and the people, I have some friends that I’ve met throughout the years. Obviously the level of riding was really high and the conditions were crazy, really challenging. It was really cool and a good experience. 

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On if any riders stood out for him… 

For me I follow MXGP from afar and I really follow American Motocross, I know people and stay in touch with them. For me, the most exciting part was seeing the young kids in the MX2 class and I feel that is the future. It didn’t seem like there was a whole lot of depth compared to the U.S series in the 250cc class whereas the 450cc class is crazy. The depth in MXGP goes all the way through so that was one thing I noticed. But I love seeing the young kids and De Wolf, that kid is amazing man! He was just surfing the sand and his style, he just looked happy. He looked like he enjoyed the race and he was just stoked. When you see a kid with a vibe like this, it makes you want to ride a dirtbike so it was cool to see that and see him after the race with how happy he was. 

Short enjoying his MXGP experience at Lommel. Pic: MXGP/Infront Moto Racing

On the young riders in the GP’s compared to America… 

You know, it’s weird. I was watching Loretta Lynns yesterday on the computer and Deegan is 15. When you think of Herlings or Roczen, they were winning GP’s at 15. They were riding these tracks that are so gnarly, I was showing my kid Lommel and I told him it’s the gnarliest track I’ve ever seen and he was like, it doesn’t look that crazy! I was like, are you kidding me?! It’s cool to see the difference and how crazy it is. These kids in Europe are so dedicated to Motocross at a young age, I think it’s a whole different world compared to the U.S when you see 15 year old’s still on a super mini at Loretta Lynns competing. It’s two different worlds.

On Herlings… 

I’d have really liked to have seen him without the injury, he was so impressive what he did and how fast he is. Just his determination, I can’t imagine how that must have been. He seems so internally driven, motivated and his self-belief and confidence is on another level. To see him on a sand track is just really cool to see the things he can do and the places he can put the bike as well as the way he keeps his momentum going forward. 

On Cairoli…

To me, the character he has on and off the track and how he conducts himself, his accomplishments speak for themselves. He is a true professional and I really admire people like this. Obviously he is fast on the bike but I don’t know, I feel like from the fan perspective he’s a guy I would cheer for and he’s someone I like and appreciate. I think it’s rare people come through that can compete year after year like this. At 36 it’s something respective and it’s really cool to see. It’s awesome he is still there and I think it’s something the fans of the sport should be more appreciative of.

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Interview: Jonathan McCready

Pics: MXGP/Infront Moto Racing