Anderson on latest injury – fractured neck

Jason Anderson has revealed his practice crash in Nashville has left him with a fractured neck after his violent get-off in the whoops – and he still raced that night getting a top ten!

Anderson said: “So last weekend I had a crash in practice that I didn’t think was too bad…After racing and then practicing this week I felt something was wrong. So after a CT scan it showed I have a non-displaced fracture at C5-C6 in my neck.

“Obviously that’s one of the things we fear most as racers, is an injury in that area. But luckily, where the fracture is, my season is not over and I can come back to the races relatively soon!”

It makes this crash during the night show more scary knowing that Anderson already had a fractured neck. One movement or impact the wrong way could have been disaster:

Image: Anderson IG