250cc race results: AMA Nationals RD6 – Southwick

Race One: Jett Lawrence took the moto one win but it wasn’t as easy as it should have been! The Aussie holeshot and was checking out on Cooper until he went down and lost the lead to the American. Jett quickly regrouped and re-took the lead but Jo Simoda smelt blood and went after the Honda ride, aggrssively passing Cooper and keeping Jett honest until the last lap – but he couldn’t quite get close enough to really push for a pass.

Hunter Lawrence had a nightmare. A bad start meant he was coming from outside the top ten, then, when he was going for a top six position he clipped wheels with another rider and went down hard and was very lucky not to get ridden over by the pack. Hunter got up in 16th and fought all the way back to sixth by the flag and is now three points behind Jett in the series. A fire up Hunter then waited for Robertson who was potentially the rider who he collided with in the crash and then words were said and attempted punched thrown by both before Hunter rode off still mad at the situation!

Race Two:

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Jett Lawrence held an early race flurry of speed from Levi Kitchen to ensure a 1-1 day at Southwick as Hunter Lawrence struggled in race two after the battering he took from his crash in race one. Hunter would end up eighth and losing the red plate, noe 15 points down. Jo Shimoda took third in race two for secure second overall with Cooper taking fourth in the second moto for third on the podium.


Updated championship standings:

Image: Honda

See Hunter’s crash below: