Should Glen Helen get an AMA National again?

It is one of the most iconic tracks is the US but Glen Helen, known for the glamorous opener of AMA motocross and sometimes the finale, is no longer hosting AMA National races.

The track even hosted some Grand Prix races in the last decade with prime time Cairoli and teenage stars, Herlings and Roczen, making an early appearance on US soil but despite the star power venue, no longer having the elite races, it still has people from foreign lands doing California holidays salivating at getting to ride the vene they watched America’s and MXGP’s best battle it out over the years.

To no longer hold elite pro level races of that stature is a shame – but they did have a race $10,000 last weekend called the stopwatch nationals!

Kawasaki test rider Broc Tickle took the win against some current generation racers and it gave a taste again of what everyone is missing with the hill’s the thrills and the spills at such a famous venue. Watch the race below and then take a look at Glen Helen in it’s heydey and one of it’s most famous races as Tortelli makes his US motocross debut and goes 1-1 in 1999 and Tallon Vohland, returning from GPs, gives RC a run for his money in the 125s!