Video: Gajser’s second moto crash French GP

Tim Gajser slid down the track like a road racer as he chased Jeffrey Herlings for second place in a muddy second moto in France.

Gajser would go on to finish sixth but moved up to fourth when Seewer and Jonass got penalised for passing on a yellow flag.

Gajser, who has a five point lead in the championship said: The circumstances aren’t how I’d like to win a GP, but I’m happy to take the overall as I felt my riding was good in what were extremely difficult conditions. The early-race passes in race one were very important as this track isn’t easy to make moves on, but once I got out front I was able to control the race and won with a nice gap. Then in race two, I felt confident about my skills in the wet, but I just wasn’t able to get the same passes done and instead ate a lot of roost trying to pass the rider in front. I thought that my mistake had cost me the overall, but as it turns out, I still was able to take the win and the red-plate. A big thanks to the whole team for their help as it wasn’t an easy one but I’m very happy and excited to go to Germany now.