2022 ADAC MX Masters calendar announced

Eight ADAC MX Masters races from April to September. Six races each for the ADAC MX Junior Cup 85 and ADAC MX Junior Cup 125. The season starts in April in Fürstlich Drehna.

The ADAC MX Masters will come of age in 2022: For the 18th season, the prestigious German motocross series is planning a varied and interesting calendar with eight events in Germany and Austria. At the start of the season, the international German motorcycle championship returns on 2/3. April back to their traditional start in Fürstlich Drehna. The popular routes in Möggers, Gaildorf, Jauer and Holzgerlingen are also back on the calendar in 2022. Fans of the series can look forward to a free live stream of all eight events in the coming year.

At least one race in the series is planned every month from April to September 2022, with the exception of the holiday month of August. The season traditionally starts in the sand of Fürstlich Drehna in Brandenburg. On April 2nd and 3rd, the four racing classes ADAC MX Masters, ADAC MX Youngster Cup, ADAC MX Junior Cup 125 and ADAC MX Junior Cup 85 will roll into the starting gate. On May 21st and 22nd, it’s back to Brandenburg when the ADAC MX Masters returns to Dreetz. There, the premiere of the club took place in front of numerous fans in the Brandenburg town of Sand in 2021.

Around a month later, the Austrian guest game will take place in Möggers on June 18 and 19, where only the ADAC MX Junior Cup 85 will be suspended. Drivers and fans alike look forward to the picturesque meadow course with a view of Lake Constance.

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It continues in July in rapid succession. On July 2nd and 3rd, on the “forest course” in Bielstein in North Rhine-Westphalia, riders of all classes will once again be able to enjoy firmer ground, with the exception of the ADAC MX Junior Cup 125. The natural course with its classic layout and modern obstacles is for the spectators easy to see and challenges the pilots. A week later, on July 9th and 10th, the second half of the season will be heralded in the sand of Tensfeld in Schleswig-Holstein, only the ADAC MX Junior Cup 85 will pause there. Here, as usual, a strong physical condition is necessary to be successful. The third race of this month will be held on July 30th and 31st on the traditional course in Gaildorf, Swabia, where all four racing classes will roll to the gate again.

After a short summer break, the championship is entering the final sprint. The race in Jauer in Saxony will return to the calendar on September 3rd and 4th, only the ADAC MX Junior Cup 125 will be suspended there. The last time an ADAC MX Masters was held in Jauer was in 2017, and the event’s comeback is a great pleasure for everyone involved. Just one week later, the big season finale will take place on September 10th and 11th in Holzgerlingen in Baden-Württemberg. The route makes the hearts of drivers and fans beat faster with its many ascents and descents as well as jumps. Due to the very tight schedule of the MXGP, no date could be found for the ADAC MX Masters in Aichwald in 2022.

For teams and drivers, the registration and application period for the 2022 season begins on December 6, 2021. Registration is via the online entry at adac.de/mx-masters.

The 2022 season will again run in three-run mode, with the first races of each class starting on Saturday afternoon, making the day even more attractive for spectators. Fans who do not make it to the racetrack can look forward to a free livestream at adac.de/mx-masters at every race, which will offer numerous background reports and interviews in addition to the exciting races of all classes.

ADAC MX Masters Calendar 2022 (subject to change)

April 02/03, 2022
Princely Drehna
May 21/22, 2022
June 18/19, 2022
Möggers (without ADAC MX Junior Cup 85)
July 02/03, 2022
Bielstein (without ADAC MX Junior Cup 125)
Tensfeld (without ADAC MX Junior Cup 85)
Jauer (without ADAC MX Junior Cup 125)

Words: Press Release