WSX pre-race press conference rider quotes

Tomac: It’s global and international – I’ve always thought why isn’t supercross on a global scale. You see the audience in social media and it’s international maybe 30-40%.

The superpole is something really unique, the three short races, the turnaround will be tough.

The whole year has been nice, it seems like iv been racing forever (this season), I’ve been doing a little cross training and more riding.

Reed: Ultimately, I’m here because of the thought of supercross going global. I remember the end of 2003, we tried to do this, I was on a team that tried to go global. I raced MXGP for a year and the thought of racing around the world, to do it 20 years later is cool – to race some of my friends and rivals and support global supercross.

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I love this schedule with free practice, time practice today. I love superpole, everyone is watching you.

Roczen: First off, I love being here, I love stepping out of my comfort zone, this sounded very appealing. I have a history of GPs, I was wanting to expand my horizons, seeing different cultures. I’m super excited, it hasn’t felt like a job, doing this with a family, we are here and I can’t be more excited.

It feels new to me again, you go yo places were you have to wing it like restaurants, instead of always having a perfect schedule, things we are used to in the US.

I took some time off then started riding but haven’t rode in the last ten days with Hurricane but I feel ready. I have never done superpole before.

Anstie: I’m really excited to be back home from day one when I heard this was in Cardiff I wanted to be a part of this. The dream was to race US supercross, I raced GPs and Webb from team to team then back to America. Now, to come home I have family that have never seen me ride supercross.

I actually raced here in 2003 on a 65 dreaming of racing supercross (as a pro). I saw fans from India this morning, people from all over the world.