Woodcock on making the 250 main event

Despite limited preparation, as you can read about in our interview here, Dylan Woodcock made his first main even in US supercross by winning the LCQ – but he almost made it through the heat race! Woodcock was in the qualifying position for most of the race only to drop out on the last lap but he made amends in the LCQ to deliver under pressure and take the win in what was a great moment for the British rider.

Woodcock was subsequently docked two places for jumping on a red cross flag which put him back third but with the top four going to the main, Woodcock still made the main event!

Dylan said: “Made the main tonight which was an amazing feeling, but burnt out my clutch after winning the LCQ so I didn’t get to finish the main event. Felt pretty good in the heat missed out by 1 spot trying to make a pass. Onto Tuesday.”

Aricle: Jonathan McCready

Image: Micky Carter