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Video: What’s it like to ride a HEP Suzuki?

Video: What’s it like to ride a HEP Suzuki?
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Kris Keefer has given his insight on the Pulp MX show, describing what the HEP Suzuki feels like to ride from his perspective – and what Roczen will be walking into.

Keefer said: “I went to a Glen Helen test and rode Hartranft’s bike. I was pleasantly surprised like, ‘wow,’ it’s really fast, it handled decent and I was surprised by it. Let’s face it, a Suzuki corners like nobodies business, with his settings, he likes to run his stuff soft, so that enhances that ability to cut down.”

While Matthes said: “From what I know, he loved the bike – loved it!”

Get their full views below:

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