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Video: Ugly Austin Forkner crash

Video: Ugly Austin Forkner crash

This was a tough watch as Austin Forkner who led the whole race after passing Deegan until the last couple of minutes when he had a huge crash landing on his neck on the conrete and being taken away in tears and on a neck brace. He was riding the best he ever has but one mistake ended it all. Supercross is brutal.

Deegan said he felt it was pressure that led to the mistake: ““I am so amped right now. My first career win in Supercross, this is unreal…. Obviously, man, that’s terrible to see Austin, [he was] ripping, and to see that happen is sad, man. I wanted to fight for this with him, man. I wanted to go back and forth and bang bars this season. But it’s racing, and the pressure, you know, it gets to you… This is a very, very technical track. And I watched the heat race back and I saw Austin making several mistakes, and I was like, I mean, I made mistakes myself, but I was like, ‘If I clean up my riding and [can put on the] pressure, it’s any man’s race…’ I just had good flow around the whole track, and yeah, all I can say is: Welcome to the danger zone, baby!”

Austin’s coach Ryan Hughes had his say:

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