Video: The moment – Everts family joy

See the moment Stefan and Harry Everts embrace as Liam crossed the line to win his first ever GP and join his dad and grandad as a Grand Prix winner – what a shot!

A proud Stefan told us this week: It’s a lot different (to winning yourself), when you are watching you can’t do anything! I constantly think what all still can go wrong and that’s what makes it very stressful! I knew on Saturday that he might have a chance to win if he would take good starts and have the same vibe like Saturday.

“After Sardinia we had a big meeting with the 3 generations (Stefan, Harry, Liam), made some big changes and from there we could immediately see some big changes. The first podium came unexpected but we could see on his training sessions (in the week)  that it would not take very long before he would take his first win.

“I have always seen the potential that Liam has, but for a long time he could not put the circle together. I believe that we haven’t seen all of him yet, he still has marching left in his riding, but needs to slowly learn to push to limits even further. I realize more then anybody the pressure of the name, Everts, that Liam carries. There is simply no room for failing! He’s got some big guts (balls) to step into our shoes.”