Video: Roczen on press day at High Point

Ken Roczen is the big story this weekend as he makes a rare outdoor appearance by racing at High Point. Ken says it’s keeping sharp for WSX and he may do more outdoors later in the year!

“I want to come out here and have a good time with my family. Even if I get my ass kicked tomorrow.. maybe it motivates me to come back later in the season a bit more prepared. We had a few weeks off and I felt the need to come out here. I don’t have much time on it in motocross but I am up for the challenge, I think there is no ebtter practice that racing and that’s exactly what I’m here for, this will help me whether I race supercross or motocross, riding outdoors definitely helps my supercross as well.”

“I can’t wait to travel the world (for WSX), I’m excited go to different countries again, and have a bit of a re-run that I had a little taste of last year, I’m excited. We are going to Germany too, I haven’t raced in Germany in forever, Singapore.. there are continents I haven’t even been too and I had a little bit of a craving of that over the last few years. I feel more American than I do German nowadays and I am happy where I live but I think everybody understands that when you grow up travelling to different countries and then done’t for about ten year. You get a little taste, especially after Covid, I went to Austria with red Bull and realised I missed the travelling, it kind of woke me up a little bit. To be able to continue to do that, I felt the need for it and that’s why I went for it.

“I’ve done this for quite a few years now, it felt a bit monotonous, not going to lie, the same schedule, the same thing each year and I think it was time to break that cycle a little bit.”