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Video: Roczen riding a 450 Yamaha…

Video: Roczen riding a 450 Yamaha…
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The new 2023 450 Yamaha is proving very popular in reviews with even Eli Tomac excited about the new machine telling GateDrop in Cardiff, “The first thing you will notice right away is the weight of it, it’s a lot lighter, you feel that just leaning left to right, getting into a rut, starting a turn, it is so much more manourveable but it’s not unstable, I think people are really going to like it.”

And now Ken Roczen is riding one!

The German says he’s “exploring” as he still has no official ride yet for 2023 after winning the WSX title on a Firepower Honda but seeing Roczen in blue for 2023 looks to be an option…

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