Should Ty Masterpool race MXGP? Next American world champ?

There hasn’t been an American world champion since 1994 with Bob Moore, but Ty Masterpool’s electric performance in only his second ever 450 race in the US Nationals should alert every MXGP team in both classes that Masterpool could be the real deal. Masterpool is a rare thing in the US, a motocross specialist. The mind boggles that he hasn’t made racing MXGP his priority yet with his motocross prowess.

Sources had told us previously that there were explority talks with Masterpool a couple of years ago but it came to nothing, quite whether a young American really realises the level and prestige of MXGP is another thing. It is the opportunity of a lifetime to race in the pinnacle of outdoor motocross, but maybe staying in America and racing a high level series 11 days a year in your own country is more appealing, especially when that’s the series you grow up watching.

Yes, MXGP is hard, the different cultures you face, living abroad plus the diverse tracks and the atmosphere of many fans from difference countries at one event, added to that the importance every rider places on outdoors, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s the toughest outdoor series in the world because of the many differences a rider has to overcome in a long season.

MXGP is unique, it’s the F1 of outdoor motocross and Masterpool looks to have the talent to compete. He is still only 21 as well and is still eligible for MX2. After his ride last weekend, he will have teams taking notice, but does he want to be the best motocross rider in the world? Does he have that ambition? If he does, he has to be in MXGP as soon as possible.

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He deserves immense credit for that performance last weekend, running with and passing factory riders with such a short prep time on a 450 is impressive. The kid has skills, as he showed on a Star Yamaha in the 250 class, imagine him working with the likes of Harry Everts or Joel Smets through a GP winter and the progress he could make!

Masterpool might be America’s best chance of being world champion in the near future – but will he take up the challenge?

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Article: Jonathan McCready

Image: Masterpool IG