Video: Nate Thrasher crash and injury update

Nate Thrasher was already riding with a damaged ACL but a huge crash in the whoops at Atlanta has unfortunately ended his season with more pain.

Thrasher has dislocated his hip and broke his collarbone in addition to his already injured knee. The Star Yamaha rider was a new man this year showing consistent speed in every round, and even though he came within a corner of the win in Tampa, I saw Nate limping to the press conference, such was the damage to his knee at the time. The kid is tough!

Thrasher said: “We had a perfect day going at ATL. Going p1 in qualifying and then getting the heat race win. Unfortunately, I had a hard crash in the main which caused me to dislocate my hip + break my collar bone. They were able to put my hip back in place but, when I got a CAT scan they noticed a few bone fragments so we are still waiting to get surgery on that. I really appreciate everyone that has reached out. Thanks to my team and sponsors for all the support. I’ll keep you guys updated!”

See the crash via Racer X here: