Video: Maggiora 1999 250 GP – Beirer stars!

See current KTM boss, Pit Beirer, in his racing prime as he runs at the sharp end at the location for this weekend’s MXGP, Maggiora, back in 1999. Pit was on the Jan de Groot Kawasaki and that was the year he came oh-so-close to winning the 250 world title against eventual world champ, Frederic Bolley, in what was a fantastic season.

In our interview last year, Pit said of that 1999 season: “I mean, I don’t wake up and think I lost the title in 99 but this was a very painful experience and I still hate to think about. I gave a lot for that year, I moved to Belgium, I hired the trainer of Stefan Everts and really was living on my own there and put in a lot of effort to win that title and it didn’t happen – that was painful.

“But since I hate to lose maybe this gave me the right spirit to make sure we are trying to win now with KTM! But I am not looking back, I am happy for the career I had. I am what I am because I was a professional motocross racer, that’s where I learned life, that’s where I got the first super important contacts for my life and on that period I could build my career which is now the working career so I am happy.”

Marnicq Bervoets, David Vuillemin and Ryan Hughes also feature in this brilliant highlights package.