Video: Ken Roczen on recovering from that 2017 crash

Ken Roczen has spoken about the recovery from that awful 2017 crash and how it was in question if he could race again:

“When I first got there, he was like,’I don’t know if you’ll be able to race again.’ That was a big hit to guy, you know? Getting the news that I might not be able to race again, or ride again in general, is super hard. I shut the brain down a little bit there, because I knew I had a long road to get back to riding if that was even possible. I took a mental break from the sport…I put in so much work, I hired my own therapist over two years that was living with me and we did therapy twice a day and besides that I did my own therapy, I was constantly trying to move my arm, move the scars.”

See more below including the scars:

Remind yourself of the gruesome crash below – making the recovery and current position of a race winner on a Suzuki, quite remarkable: