Video: Jeffrey Herlings at Aldon Baker’s facility

Remember when Jeffrey Herlings went to the US to race a US national? Well, he hooked up with Aldon Baker the week before to get an insight into how he worked and then went and won nearly every race in sight for the next 12 months!

Baker said of Herlings: “Incredible, he adapts very quickly. He listens almost in the way he is the perfect client. If he carries on in the way he approaches things, I think he has obviously a bright future. It was interesting for me to get information from him and see his thought pattern on how he approaches training and riding, for sure good to see he’s not prepared to cut corners and he has that heart, desire and a big commitment, so very special.”

See how Herlings did at Ironman, the last US national of the season in 2017, below:

Article: Jonathan McCready