MXGP one day format for 2021 – again!

Unfortunately the MXGP series loses one of it’s unique charms and challenges with no two-day format again in 2021 due to Covid.

Infront Moto Racing revealed their reasoning saying: “The decision to run a one day format was made due to the tight racing schedule in order to allow more recovery time for the riders and the team staff.” However, even last year at a triple header, some of the GP men would go to a practice track and ride on a Saturday before Sunday’s GP!

There is no doubt that MXGP on just one day instead of two weakens the product and takes away the challenge and some fitness/endurance required to be world champion that is usually needed to ride two days in a row. For fans in attendance and even watching from home, the build up to the race is less and it simply isn’t as worthwhile for fans to go for two days if their heroes and stars of the show are only racing one day. Even if the EMX racing is great, not to be able to see the GP stars in action takes away a lot from Saturday’s racing. MotoGP, F1 etc. are all still running their usual three day sessions and that never seems to be an area for discussion.

This one day schedule was only supposed to be last year and now, frustratingly, it’s in 2021 as well so fingers crossed the proper world championship format gets back for 2022. A one day format should be for a national championship, a world championship should be tougher and unique with a two-day program and no major track leveling overnight, that’s part of what gives it the prestige of being the toughest dirt bike series on the planet.

Image: InFront Moto Racing

Article: Jonathan McCready