Video: Jason Anderson on training with Aldon Baker

“I needed time away (from Aldon Baker’s training). I stopped working with him but my relationship was never bad with him. At that point it wore me so hard, managing relationaships within Aldon’s facility with all the guys – dude it’s tough. You want to show up at the track because you want to able to be vulnerable and it’s hard to be vulnerable with all of that stuff around you.”

Jason Anderson has spoken to Gypsy tales about what it’s like training with Aldon Baker, jokingly saying that Osborne, Dungey and Musquin were like, ‘grumpy old guys,’ with their more jaded outlook having been a long way into their career in contrast to Jason now riding with the keen, young Kawasaki riders at PC Kawasaki that Anderson is doing some training with now.

“I love riding with the PC guys because they have so much youth just want to be successful, it keeps me excited. Because i fell like sometimes when I was at Alden’s it was a bunch of grumpy old guys; Zach, Marvin Dunge.. they were good to train with and stuff like that but they had an aspect, all of us, that we were somewhat jaded. These kids just show up every day and they send it.”

“I always tell Jett (Reynolds), you have 12 more years of this! I know he hates it, he thinks it’s funny. The actual process? I’m enjoying it more than I ever have…I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.”

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Get the full segment below on training, his first year at Aldon Baker’s and how quickly a career goes. This is brilliant with a very relaxed, humble and honest Jason Anderson:

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