Video: James Stewart Hall of Fame speech

“I was chasing something my whole career, my whole life, and I never knew what was. It wasn’t about winning, and it wasn’t about money because I had that, and I won a lot of races, but I still felt like I was still chasing something. And finally, when I got inducted here, I finally figured out what I was chasing – this. Not being a Hall of Famer, but saying thank you all the people that have helped me get here and, as I said before, I raced really to see my dad say, ‘good job, son,’ That’s what really means the most to me, to have him here and my whole family, that’s the ultimate victory.

“I think out of all the things I accomplished in my career, I will say this is the best part of that. This is like the end goal of my career, it is complete. To be able to share that with everyone out here….it goes back to my mum and dad, who gave me this opportunity and didn’t live out their dreams so I could live out mine.”

James Stewart was recently inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame for his incredible motocross and supercross career that changed the sport. This is what he had to say:

Get a flavour of Stewart’s talent and speed below: