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Video: Eli Tomac ready for A1!

Video: Eli Tomac ready for A1!

Talking to Donn Maeda, Eli Tomac raved about the new 2023 Yamaha and how good he feels on the bike ahead of the new season: “It’s more manoeuvrable, it went on a diet and you can feel that a lot. That’s my favourite part about it, leaning the bike into the turn its so easy, and it still has a lot of the good characteristics it had before, it’s still stable. I’m excited to go put it to the test.”

On winning A1, “It’s one thing I’m missing, I want to get it, but really, I treat A1 it as a learning race.”

Hear the full interview from Eli Tomac on the eve of the defence of his supercross crown and see him in action on the new Yamaha:

Image: Yamaha