Video: Deegan corner speed – impressive rookie season

Haiden Deegan came in with a lot of hype but so far the kid is proving to be the real deal. He isn’t intimiated and he has the skills and the speed to back up the hype.

Second in the 250 East championship, Deegan hasn’t made many mistakes for a rookie, gets good starts and can be aggressive when he needs to be. This weekend will be his first East/West shootout and it would be no surprise to see him in the top five in a full field of 250 talent, indeed, a podium isn’t out of the question.

We asked Deegan in the press conference about his impressive composure at 17 to rebound from issues in the heat races and still end up on the podium in the last couple of main events: “Basically these main events you have to stay focused, work on yourself, that’s the big thing for me just working on myself, finding things I need to work on after the race too, during the week. The starts as well, the starts have been good and that’s been helping me as well.”

See his corner speed skills below:

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